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RTA-Cabinetry & Contertop Services

Our designer will work one on one with you to design the placement and layout of your future cabinets by 3D design software.

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What We Do

First bring in your own rough measurements of your kitchen. We can also send an expert to your home. Therefore, feel free to call us to finding the time to have us measuring your kitchen for streamlining the rest of the process.  We will have one of our Measurement experts discuss with you to set up a time that works best for you. 

Project Measure


Choosing the look and style of your cabinet are obviously one of the most important steps.  The cabinet you choose will be in your kitchen for you to see, feel, and use for years to come. We have various kinds of cabinets sample such as shaker style and traditional cabinets. All of these options will impact the look and the feel and in-some-cases the functionality of your kitchen.  You can see all of our available cabinet choices here on our website but if at all possible, you should come see them in person in our showroom.



Our designer will work one on one with you to design the placement and layout of your future cabinets.  There are so many details that our designers will walk you through.  Details like which cabinets work for your kitchen and choosing the handles, knobs, or pulls that suit you needs.  Once a designer has finished your kitchen layout they will send you 3D renderings of the kitchen as well as an elevated view of the virtual kitchen. Finally, after all is said and done, our designers will provide you with a comprehensive price estimate for your kitchen renovation.



Once all the planning and designing of your new kitchen is done we can move on to the installation.  We will send out a team of professional cabinet installers.  They will arrive with all the necessary Cabinets, Stones and equipment to install all the cabinets for your kitchen. Our installers are fast and courteous; most jobs take two to three days to install.  They will treat you and your home with respect while they work diligently to create the wonderful kitchen that you and your designer worked so hard to perfect.




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