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Is Open Kitchen Shelving Right For You?

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Many homeowners are wary of open shelving because they aren’t the norm, and they allow items to be seen rather than hidden away. Lately, the trend has been to mix it up which adds interest, texture and provide easy access to your most used items, while maintaining covered storage. Below are 5 reasons to incorporate open shelving into your kitchen design.

1. Add texture and interest. This stunning kitchen incorporates open shelving alongside traditional upper cabinets allowing her to display succulents, a clock, stoneware and a wood grain plate. It immediately adds a focal point, color and texture that wouldn’t otherwise be seen. If you love to bring different elements into the kitchen, but don’t want to take up valuable counter-space, open shelving may be your answer.

2. Reduce wasted space. Corner cabinets aren’t a great use of space, and drastically reduce the ability to use the counter-space below them. This recent ASK Cabinets project allowed us to make use of a hidden corner in our client’s kitchen. Open shelving is also an excellent opportunity to add contrast in the kitchen. The natural wood against the blue/grey cabinets was the perfect combination for this modern farmhouse kitchen. 3. Open up the space. In a world of open concept kitchens, a closed in kitchen can begin to feel claustrophobic. But, sometimes opening the space isn’t an option or the homeowner prefers having a private space to work. Open shelve is an incredibly practical way to immediately open the space and add a sense of ease to even the most closed off spaces. 4. Easy access. While you’re probably not dying to show off every single kitchen item you own, there are a few items that are not only beautiful, but frequently used. This kitchen has a lot of open shelving yet manages to feel very stylish and highly organized. There is something calming about having everything in its place. Open shelving is also fabulous for entertaining, guests never have to ask where you keep the wine glasses again 😉 5. Add beauty and color. The options for open shelving are absolutely endless, and that’s just what we love about them. The ability to display your treasured pieces (new and old), flowers and even photos is something that was never possible in the past. Instead of being a beautiful kitchen, you can now have a stunning kitchen that’s completely personalized. We are proud to provide ASK Cabinets and the surrounding areas. Please contact us if you have any questions about our services. We love what we do and will answer any questions that you might have.

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