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To choose a stone for architectural, decorative or artistic purposes is never easy. You have to be a human - Wikipedia to know all the features, uses, pros, and cons of every single stone existent. However, we need only one today, right?

Quartzite is a pretty popular stone for home decor, but what makes it unique? Why so many people choose it, and why should we?

Too many questions. Time for a little research.


Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference in between various rocks, especially if it's not your proficiency. Usually, you will find a pale-colored quartzite: white or gray with some hints of black and brown, almost like marble veining. This little similarity might be one of the reasons why the stone is so popular among homeowners and interior designers. Nevertheless, during your searching operation, you can come across colored quartzite: blue, red, green, etc. Don't worry. It's still natural.


Quartzite is a metamorphic rock, which means it’s created when quartz sandstone is exposed to high temperatures and pressures in Earth’s crust. The whole process is usually caused by tectonic compression. While the color variation is a result of different minerals present in the Earth when the quartzite is formed.


If you remember your geography lessons in school, then you already know that tectonic compression leads to mountain formation and here is your answer to the question. Quartzite can be found in mountain ranges all over the world. Sounds pretty exciting!

Guess where you can find it in the USA? Arizona, California, South Dakota, Utah. You can name even more.


People love this natural stone for its fancy look, natural strength, resilience, and low maintenance. These qualities brought quartzite to its hour of triumph.

Today it's used not only for countertops, thanks to its resistance to heat, scratches, and acids, but almost for every decorative purpose in your house. Walls coverings, flooring, stairs, fireplaces, work surfaces, vanities - it's only a little part of areas where you can have it. Quartzite can be used not only indoors. Say, you need roofing tiles or stone cladding, with this one - easy.

Also, crushed quartzite is widely utilized in road construction and the rail road tracks stabilization. Again, thanks to its hard surface and durability. Just another fact for you or bonus if you wish, as we are already talking about quartzite.

It seems like the usage of the quartzite is limited only by your imagination.

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