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What’s Your Organizing Style?

Organization is a very personal thing. It can create feelings of optimism and happiness but it can also be stressful and overwhelming. Your unique organizing style might be influenced by your purchasing patterns, how often you donate items, or what’s familiar. Because sometimes it’s simplest to stick to what you know.

Here we outline three classic organizational archetypes along with some ideas for taking your organizing style to the next level. Or let one of our design consultants create a custom storage solution that works for your home. After all, they’re experts at knowing where everything goes

The Minimalist

Your home contains only the items you love and use often; everything has its place. Storing things in drawers or behind doors is also a key piece of your organizational style, as this keeps any potential clutter out of sight and the look of your rooms simple and clean.

Level-up Tip: You’re already ahead of the curve and don’t need much help to declutter. But consider upgrading your standard-issue rod-and-shelf closets with adjustable shelves and cubbies for more flexible storage.

The Perfectionist

Your home could almost be a museum. From color-coded and clearly labeled storage to a seasonal rotation that allows you to focus on only your most relevant items, “organization” could very well be your second language.

Level-up Tip: While your approach to storage may already be pretty perfect, our closet organizing ideas may help elevate it even further. Valet rods, jewelry dividers, personal safes, and charging stations can all be integrated into custom storage solutions throughout the home.

The Sentimentalist

It’s hard to say goodbye – especially to items that bring back memories like event tickets, the kids’ art projects, or your cozy (but nearly threadbare) sweater. While these items might not warrant a front-row seat any longer, there are ways to add functional storage that makes room for all that belongs.

Level-up Tip: Set aside some time to determine what stays on display or within reach, and what can be thoughtfully stored away. Hidden or closed custom storage provides a place for those sentimental treasures without adding to visual clutter.

Whether you’re a minimalist, a perfectionist, or a sentimentalist, we believe in making space for what belongs. And by identifying – and upping – your organizing style, you might just feel like you’ve cracked the code for a more organized life.

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