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11 Great Entryway Ideas

The entryway is not just the first thing you see when coming and going from your home, but it also sets the tone and mood for your entire home. If your entryway is tired, gloomy, outdated, or disheveled, the rest of your home is likely to feel the same. The entryway is sometimes overlooked, but it has quite a few jobs. It is a place that many people take off their shoes, jackets, put their keys down, leave mail and hang their coat before entering the rest of the home.

When furnishing and decorating a home, I am first thinking about couches, side tables, bedding, curtains, and wall hangings, but forget the very space that welcomes me home daily. While there are a thousand different ways to furnish and decorate the space, there are essentials that every single entryway, regardless of size, must have.

1. A place to hang your coat

Everyone needs a place to hang their bags, backpacks, hats, coats, and sweaters. With the different design options available, you can fit a single hook almost anywhere. If you have more space, there are larger options as well.

2. A mat to wipe your feet

Even if you take your shoes off when walking inside, it’s important to have a mat to clean your shoes off before putting them away to store. This is another excellent way to set the tone for your home. You can find one with a cute message, a whimsical print, or a traditional monogram.

3. A place to store your keys

Looking for keys in the morning is the fastest way to make myself late for almost anything. Whether you opt for hooks attached to a letter holder or a tray to sit on the entryway table, your life will immediately become easier when you start leaving your keys in the same spot daily.

4. A space to store your shoes

Finding space for all of your shoes in the entryway can be a little difficult, but there’s nothing worse than random shoes strewn throughout your entryway. Even having a tray where you store your most worn pairs, keep them on a hall tree, bench or in your closet, it’s an important piece to keeping your entryway clear of any extra pairs. The remainder of your shoes can stay in your bedroom closet, but having a space to drop your shoes after a long day and for guests’ shoes when they visit is a game changer.

5. A plant to give the space life

Plants add a sense of warmth and homeyness to any space, but also a lot of color. Now that everything seems to be trending toward bringing the outdoors in, a great start is to have a pretty plant to welcome guests. Check out a nearby nursery for something local that’ll fit in your space.

6. Photos and wall art

Prints of friends, family or a favorite place always make the space more personal. Entryways aren’t a place that you necessarily spend a great deal of time, but it is a space that is frequented often. It can easily turn into a place that you throw your purse and shoes and lose its beauty. Adding photos will warm the space and remind you of the people you have to be most thankful for.

7. A mirror for one last check before you leave your house

Mirrors are an awesome entryway item because they are beautiful, make any space feel larger and are also practical. My favorite way to dress an entryway is with a stunning table that holds a tray for keys and a drawer for mail with a gorgeous mirror hanging on the wall above it. It’s also an excellent way to add festive details like candles and holiday decor.

8. A piece of art to give the space character

This usually looks more like candles and mini-Christmas trees during the holidays, but it’s a wonderful way to add textures and colors to a space. If there’s no room for a floor plant, this is also a wonderful area to add a small plant or fresh flowers.

9. A rug to add texture

Whether you’re wanting a soothing, calm color scheme, or a bright rug that makes a statement, a rug is an absolute must. While adding style, color, comfort and texture, they also personalize your space and make your guests feel welcome immediately.

10. A Table to store things

Every entryway needs a place to display photos, artwork and holiday decor. It helps to anchor the room and create an actual livable space rather than a large hallway. You can accessorize with baskets and keep anything you don’t want to forget next time you leave your home.

11. A place to sit

Whether you want to leave your purse on the bench or sit while you put your shoes on, a bench is a place to sit is essential for the entryway if space permits.

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